Sunday, May 18, 2014

Knotorial 09 - The Valyrian Chain (Bracelet)

This pattern looks like a noble chain to me and it was created while watching one of my favourite tv-shows.

So I'll call it 'The Valyrian Chain'. It's an easy two color technique but requires different amounts of cord.

There's also a three color variation, maybe I'll post it another time.

Used (boiled) paracord for:
~20,5cm (~8 in.) bracelet

~195cm (~6.4 ft.) goldenrod
~145cm (~4.7 ft.) neon turquoise

To prevent the bracelet from shrinking, I recommend to put the cords in boiling hot water for a few minutes.
Step 01:

Start with a buckle connected with two colors.

Knotorial 01 shows how the cords are attached.

The shortest cords should be in the middle.

 Step 02:

This weave is tied by the backside.

Use the inner cords to form loops around the outer cords, first behind then over them.
 Step 03:

Use the outer cords to form a cross over the inner cords.
 Step 04:

Theres a small space above the loops, between the inner and outer cords on both sides, pull the outer ends through that space...
 ...pull them all the way through that space.
 Step 05:

Now pull the outer cords through the loops formed with the inner cords...
 ...and pull them all the way through the loops.
 Step 06:

Tighten the loops and knots firmly.
That's it, check your frontside which should look as shown in the picture.
 Repeat Step 02 - Step 06 to continue the pattern until you reached the desired bracelet length.

Don't forget to calculate the buckle and the finish for the length.
Step 07:

To finish the bracelet, turn it to the frontside and use the outer cords to form a loop around the inner cords - first under, then over them.

Don't tighten the loops, because you need them for the finish.
Step 08:

Pull the inner cords through the frontside of the remaining buckle.

Step 09:

Turn the bracelet to the backside and pull the inner cords through the loops formed in Step 07.

Step 10:

Tighten the finish, hold the buckle and pull on the cords.

The result on the frontside should look as shown in the picture.
Step 11:

Cut and singe the ends.

 The finished bracelet.
Feel free to post pictures of your results or leave some feedback.

Happy knotting !

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