Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Knotorial 07 - The Bell Curve Knot

This short Knotorial introduces the 'Bell Curve Knot'. I couldn't find it exactly in the Ashley Book Of Knots, but it starts with a loop that looks like a bell curve, which explains the name.
I used it in a few bracelet designs too.

Please let me know if you saw this knot anywhere else !
 Step 01:

Start with a loop that
looks like a bell curve.
 Step 02:

Use a second strand to form an 'U', with the bell curve between it, as shown in the picture.

It also works with one strand but I think it looks better with two colors.
 Step 03:

Pull the right end from the 'U' through the bell curve.
 Step 04:

That's it ! Tighten the knot to get a result as shown in the picture.

To continue the pattern, use the lower right strand to form the next bell curve.
To wrap a keyring with this knot, form a bell curve through the ring.

I used almost 4 foot of each color, so there was enough left to make a keyfob out of it.
Pull the second strand through the ring over the bell curve, as shown in the picture...
...then pull it behind itself.
Now pull the end through the bell curve and tighten the knot.
Use the lower right end to form the next bell curve behind the keyring.

Pull the second strand first over the keyring, behind the belle curve strands and then through its loop on the left.

Tighten the knot and continue the pattern.

When it's finished, pull the left strand from the bell curve through the last right loop of the second color.

I pulled all strands through a bead and formed a Matthew Walker Knot for the result on the picture.

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