Sunday, March 16, 2014

Knotorial 01 - Buckle Attachment

Greetings and welcome to my first tutorial relating to knots, so i'll call it a "knotorial".

I prefer using buckles for bracelets, so the first short knotorial will show you how I attach paracord to them.

This way I can start future knotorials without repeating the buckle attachment every time.
Step 01:

Start with the middle from the first cord and put a loop through the backside of the buckle.
Step 02:

Use the loop and form it to something that looks like the letter 'B' as shown in the picture.
Step 03:

Pull the ends of your cord through the loops of the 'B'.
Step 04:

Turn the buckle on the back and add another color, lay the middle of the second cord between the 'B' and the buckle.

Step 05:

Pull the ends from the second cord through the frontside of the buckle.
Step 06:

Then pull the ends from the second cord through the loops from the 'B'.

If you only need two colors, you can start tighten the knots and loops now.

 Step 07:

Turn the buckle to the frontside and add a third color by pulling the ends through the loops from the 'B'.
 Step 08:

Pull the ends from the third color through the loop that you have just created.
 Step 09:

Tighten those loops and knots firmly to get the finished piece, the result should look like this.

Check the ends to see if they still have the same length.

Step 10:

If you need a fourth color you can turn the buckle to the backside and pull the new ends through the loops from the 'B' if you loosen them a little.
I think both sides look good and it depends on the desired bracelet style which side you would like to use.

It should be possible to add even more colors, but i've never had a use for it.

Thank you, that's it !


  1. What a great Idea! Thanks for sharing it in a very clear and easily understood way.

  2. Thank you for the kind words !